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Simply Garden Design

A Garden of 2 Halves

Back garden; before

The client had recently found out that a patch of waste land at the side of her garden was owned by her & this prompted the decision to employ Simply Garden Design to create a garden that would bring the back & side garden together. The brief was no lawn & a calming place in which to be able to look at the favourite Acer's.

The back garden was split using a basalt plank paving 'pathway' this created 4 spaces, 2 of which became large planting beds that are filled with bulbs & tall ornamental grass. The other 2 areas were paved, one of which is the dining area & once the grasses have reached full height, this space will feel very private. 


The back & side gardens are linked by taking the plank paving through into the side garden & using the same horizontal fencing throughout.

Side garden; before

The side garden fell away by 2 metres so the decision was made to create a large flat space using hard wood decking, with modern horizontal fencing. To create some interest in the decking a section was laid at 90 degrees to the rest of the deck. Lighting was used to create a feature of the large pots, housing low grasses & tree ferns.  This area gets the best of the sun, so this area will eventually have 2 sofa's on which to relax. The client is now left with the dilemma of a side garden that she loves but can't see from the house... a window is soon to be inserted!

Back Garden; after
Side garden; after