Simply Garden Design
Simply Garden Design

Problem Solving 

The client was in the process of a major extension to the existing house and so was looking to develop the garden at the same time.

The problems encountered on this site were very bad drainage, creating water logging on the lawn around the house, the garden was really a field and also trying to link the barn to the house.

The drainage was solved by putting in a huge array of land drains taking the water away from the landscaped gardens. The design created, to seperate the garden from the field, was a very large, wide, circular path linking the side of the house to the side of the barn. Within the path was a flatter mown lawn & outside the path was the rougher field grass. The barn was linked using very wide steps bringing it down to a series of patio's with a path of cobbles running through it, this was echoed in a patio that created a circle around the barn. Olive trees & perennial planting finished off the scheme.